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Moving America beyond the sickcare system

Americans deserve a healthcare system that supports health in our daily living and doesn’t only fix us when we’re sick. It is our daily living- the actions we take regarding nutrition, fitness, sleep, mental health, relationships, financial management and how these are impacted by social determinants – that make up the vast majority of what governs our health and total well-being. Yet, our healthcare system primarily treats sickness with limited support for preventing illness. Now, imagine a world in which the healthcare system actually works with people on improving their total health, a world in which our health status improves not only because of biotechnological advancements, but also because consumers are given personalized health improvement resources to become their best advocates. A world where healthcare becomes proactive instead of reactive!

Jeff Margolis

Futurist | Author

Jeff Margolis has been at the forefront of the Healthcare Information Technology (HCIT) industry for over three decades. Leading the charge for public and private companies, Jeff is responsible for some of the most groundbreaking innovations in his field. Throughout his career, he has been an advocate for applying information technology to drive achievable industry collaboration and capabilities that promotes optimized health for all individuals across our diverse population.

He is an author and speaker whose message is changing the way people engage with healthcare in this country.

Not Just in Sickness … but Also in Health: Moving beyond Sickcare to Health Optimization for All

In Not Just in Sickness…but Also in Health readers are guided through Jeff Margolis’ diagnosis of today’s healthcare system, one that creates undue costs and strain by focusing primarily on ailments. Instead of treating sickness, this book argues that all health stakeholders from business and government leaders to clinicians, must shift our emphasis to proactively supporting and improving the health status of every individual.

Jeff Margolis speaking at event


Achieving and sustaining the highest health status at the lowest cost is the definition of “health optimization”

Jeff Margolis is on a mission to change America’s healthcare system from the inside out. Bringing his systematic and practical approach to supporting optimal health and total-wellbeing to audiences across the country, Jeff inspires all healthcare stakeholders – from business and healthcare leaders to clinicians – to leave the approach of only treated ailments behind to welcome a new era of holistic care that empowers individual consumers to become their own best advocates.

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